The Tracking: art and ancient science by Kyt Lyn Zulupack

The Tracking: art and ancient science by Kyt Lyn

Hi everyone, fellows and members of the Zulupack tribe ! Thanks for being here and for reading us ! Here is a small interview led by Matthieu working at Zulupack. We are going to present you Kyt Lyn Walken and her passion : the art of Tracking.

Matthieu : Hi Kyt ! How are you ?

Kyt : I’m great and you ?

Matthieu : I'm good too, Would you like to introduce yourself ?

Kyt : Absolutely ! I’m from Italy, my real name is Lynda but you can call me Kyt (that’s my stage name). I’m an Outdoor enthusiast since my childhood. I've approached Survival and, consequently, Tracking around 2013. From a simple hiker I found myself becoming more sensitive to develop a true awareness on the benefits being offgrid can lead to all of us.

Matthieu : okay great ! Could you explain to us what is tracking ?

Kyt : Tracking is the ancient art and science of detecting, reading and following animal and human tracks. This skill provides you all the tools to enhance your knowledge about Nature and it really makes the difference between life and death, as you can actually apply your ability to get out, for example, of a difficult situation, such as being stranded.

kyt lyn trackeuse pisteuse


kyt lyn




Matthieu : I understand. But how exactly did you get into the art of Tracking ?

Kyt : I've been fascinated by this art since my young age. My dad kinda forced me to watch tons of Western movies, so I was quite captivated by the mightly figures of Native Americans who were able to scout the ground and gain precious data from it. Later on, attending to several classes, I realized the dream of making of it a living, teaching this awesome art to my students and spreading the importance of being Trackers even in our everyday life.

Matthieu : It's fascinating that what you did when you were a child made an impact on your life so many years later. Are there any movies that really inspired you in this art of Tracking and you would maybe recommend ?

Kyt : Yeah that’s crazy haha ! Concerning the movies, the ones that influenced me the most are « Dance With Wolves » by Kevin Costner, « The Deadly Trackers » by Barry Shear and Samuel Fuller, and least but not last, « Man In The Wilderness » by Richard C. Sarafian, movie that inspired « The Revenant » released in 2015.

Matthieu : Seem to be great movies ! I’ll take advantage of the lock down to watch them.  Getting back to your previous anwer, you said that Tracking could be important in our « everyday life ». What do you mean by that ?

Kyt : I think that Tracking brings you a lot personally. To practice it, you need to be very humble, patient and paying attention to every details around you. These qualities are very appreciated and can make you more alert and mindful.

Matthieu : What was the most exciting experience you had in Tracking ?

Kyt : As far as I can tell you, the most exciting experience I had was being awarded by my Mentor Mike Hull Official Representative of his school and gaining the honor of passing on his teachings and his expertise all over Europe and through Social media. Tracking is an ancient art, it’s historical, and you can apply it today if you want to track an animal or a person but it’s less common.

Matthieu : What equipments do you recommend for Tracking and why ? Knife, compass, magnifying glass… ?

Kyt : Just a ruler and a good flashlight. The ruler is apt to measure tracks, basically the pace of the step and the overall lenght in order to distinguish a man from a woman and so on. The flashlight is useful to enhance tracks in the shadow or at night. Beside that, Tracking requires no more than passion, dedication and honesty! 

kyt lyn trackeuse pisteuse


kyt lyn

kyt lyn



 Matthieu : We saw you were using the Smart Tube 20L and the Backpack 25L that we’ve created at ZULUPACK. Why did you choose these bags and what do you think about them ?

Kyt : They are indeed my trustable companions, not only in the woods and on my training in Tracking, but also during travels overseas. I've chosen them because they are lightweight, tough and well designed products, and they perfectly fit my needings of having all my necessary items at very easy reach. They are pretty roomy so I can stuff in them my clothes as well as my Fire kit, Medical Kit and Tracking Kit. I switch from Smart Tube 20L to Backpack 25L just according to the various situations (and period of time). Not to mention that I can polish them just using a sponge! They are absolutely amazing in what I do.

Matthieu : I’m very glad you like using them !

If we want to learn Tracking with you, how can we do ? Where can we subscribe ?

Kyt : On my website you can find all the informations you may need: classes and events scheduled, pricing, location and duration. And all the details about certifications as well! You just have to visit

Matthieu : Okay, Perfect ! Would you like to add anything else that you want to share with us and with our audience ?

Kyt : I recommend you to consider how being in the woods can heal us. Not only mentally and psychologically, but also physically speaking.  Lessons from the past (by John Muir, Waldo Emerson, David Thoreau and so on) paved us the way to understand how important is to reconnect ourselves to simple and pure things in life!


Matthieu : Thank you so much for your answers and your precious time Kyt ! Members of the Tribe, I hope you also enjoyed this small interview too ! You can follow Kyt on instagram @kytlynwalken.

If you have any questions, you can ask her by instagram message ! See you soon 

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